Nick’s Story


Nick A.
Sobriety Date:  June 22, 2021

Hello my name is Nick and I’m an Alcoholic. Today I have a sobriety date of June 22, 2021. I have a working knowledge of the 12 steps. I have a sponsor who has a sponsor and so forth. I have a higher power of my understanding. 

My story begins in Hawaii where I was born. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Parents that love me and would do anything for me. My mom and dad divorced not long after I was born and I ended up moving around kind of a lot. I was never very popular but my older sister would let me hang out with her and her friends at a young age. That’s Where I first experienced alcohol.  Nothing bad really happened till I went off on my own and met others who like to drink. It led to me being 14 years old in a hospital with my family around me, and the doctor telling me if I hadn’t ended up there I would have died from this disease.

I was broken and didn’t care if I lived or died. This went on for years.

That didn’t stop me, it only got worse. Lying,  stealing and finding any way to feed my addiction. I didn’t care who I hurt, that my family never knew where I was,  or if I was OK or not. I lost everything, I cut my family out ’cause I was too embarrassed to be around them. I had no money and no stable place to live. No confidence, I was broken and didn’t care if I lived or died. This went on for years. Hurting everyone that I was around one way or another.

Then one day I had my last drink and had enough. I knew I couldn’t live like that anymore. I did the only thing I know and called my family and asked for help. Of course they were right there waiting for this phone call. I ended up at The Ed Keating Center and got busy right away.

Today I have some material things, money in my bank account.  What I can never repay is what this program gave me. I have peace today. My life is not perfect all the time. My problems are still there.  Now I know how to handle them head on and not run from it and make things worse. I am able to be around my family and be there for them like they always tried to be for me. All I had to do was listen, let go and let my God take care of me.

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