COVID-19 Protocol 

Until further notice, ALL outside visitors are restricted from entering any Ed Keating Center facility. This includes non-residential 3/4 residents and alumni. If you facilitate a group at EKC but do not reside there, regrettably that includes you. There will be no one allowed in our buildings other than residents, facility Directors and their staffs.

During these difficult times, let us always remember “love and tolerance is our code”.

Ed Keating Center
Board of Trustees

A dollar a day

You can be part of our “miracles’ by supporting the Ed Keating Center. A $365 donation, equal to a dollar a day for a year, will support a man or woman at the Keating Center for a month.

The Program

The Ed Keating Center offers a three-month, in-house rehab program facilitated by experienced recovering alcoholics.


Our History

The Ed Keating Center was founded by Jack Mulhall, Phyllis Eisele-Curran and Dennis Eckersley, to give a chance for sober living to anyone determined to overcome their addiction.