Our Locations

“The New Rock”

Our facility at 1980 Brookpark Road has Keating’s Administrative Offices and rooms for group meetings, in addition to a section housing up to 80 men enrolled in the three-month Sober Living Program.

East 93rd

Located on Cleveland’s east side, this is our newest sober living facility. Today, it houses up to 100 men, including some in the Transitional Program, having achieved sobriety after three months in-house and now committed to staying sober, getting a job, and rebuilding their lives.

Jean Marie House

Named after the late daughter of a major donor to the Keating Center, Jean Marie House is the site for our Sober Living Program for Women. Located on Engle Road in Brookpark, the residence is our newest facility with a capacity for serving 45 women at one time.

B. Riley House

Our facility at West 117th St. and Berea Road, formerly known as “the Rock”, houses the B. Riley-Keating Center Recovery Coalition. This facility supports our mission and prioritizes the LGBTQ segment of the recovery community.