Leacy’s Story

My name is Leacy and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is March 9th, 2020. I am 34 years old. I have a mom, dad, step mom, two brothers, and two stepsisters that love me. My parents divorced when I was two, so I grew up between two homes, and none of that made me an alcoholic. I was very spoiled and had everything I needed and just about every single thing I wanted. I was loved.

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Michael’s Story

I grew up in Garfield Heights in a normal family. I had everything I ever needed and most of what I wanted. I remember as a young child my friends were my family—cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents—we were together all the time. I got into sports at an early age and absolutely loved them; tee-ball at 5 years old, wrestling and golf in the 4th grade. I excelled at sports and at school, making all-star games in baseball and winning wrestling tournaments while maintaining straight A's.


Amber’s Story

Hi everyone! My name is Amber, and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is May 24, 2013. I have a sponsor, I sponsor, I have a homegroup, I take the 12 steps into my daily life and believe in, and try to work with, a Power greater than myself, & that relationship continues to grow & change over the years. Growing up, I lived on the East side of Cleveland. I was an only child & both of my parents are admitted alcoholics.


Jason’s Story

My name is Jason and I am an alcoholic. It took me 44 years to realize it. And is something I am not ashamed to say today. I can walk around today with my head up and some confidence.  I can thank AA for that. I grew up in an alcoholic household. Some of my first memories I remember being a selfish and self-centered middle child of 3. Stealing and lying were easy for me when I was a kid.  I had my first drink in 5th grade and I liked it.


Jackie’s Story

I’m Jackie and I’m an Alcoholic. My sobriety date is July 9, 2016, I have a homegroup, a sponsor, and a higher power that on most days I do not understand but I know most definitely understands me.


Angel’s Story

I’m Angel, and I’m an alcoholic. This is my story. I grew up on the rough streets of Parma Heights. I was raised by my mom and my grandparents. I was spoiled rotten and had a great childhood. When I was eight, my mom married my dad. We did not get along at all. We fought for my mom’s attention. My brother and sister came along shortly after.


Mikey’s Story

My name is Mikey, and I am an alcoholic. I have a sponsor and a higher power that I choose to call God, who I do not understand sometimes, but no matter what, always has my back. Most importantly I have a working knowledge of the twelve steps that I try to apply to my life daily. I say “try” because I'm not perfect and I still fall short in many aspects.